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About Us

25 years of Excellence, delivering specialist Telecommunications and Rigging Services

Air Communications is a wireless telecommunications integrator. We combine our systems design expertise and traditional infrastructure capability, to provide tailored solutions and premier performance for our customers and their workforce.

Wireless telecommunication systems that can withstand the harshest conditions

Tailored Wireless Solutions

Air Communications specialises in the design of tailored network wireless solutions in partnership with key suppliers for both licensed and non-licensed networks.

Air Communications point to point, point to multi-point and broadcast networks are developed and adapted to a variety of end use applications such as:

  • Fleet management solutions [total work area coverage] for mines, rail, ports and other industrial areas
  • Low latency autonomous and remote control [teleremote] operations and live streaming cctv video
  • Carrier last mile connect
  • Lorawan, IOT and scada telemetry

Tailored network solutions, for voice, data and video anywhere in Australia

Products, Safety and Projects

Innovation, Superior Performance and Reliability

Air Communication specialise in the supply and build and maintenance of guyed masts, self-supporting towers (SST) monopoles and ladsaf and fall arrest systems.

Air Communications undertakes high risk activities as our core business. As such we are committed to providing the safest work environment for all staff.

Air Communications is proud of the work we undertake for our customers and their workforce. Call us to discuss our extensive project portfolio.  

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