PARTNER Products

Radio and Antennas

Radios and Antenna provision for licensed and un-licensed networks. Operators all face similar challenges, the need to provide a highly reliable service with ever-increasing capacity and serving more subscribers in extremely challenging environments.

Communication Infrastructure

Air Communication specialise in the supply, build and maintenance of guyed masts, self-supporting towers (SST) monopoles, telomasts and fall arrest systems. Our civil construction team are experienced and committed to health and safety.

Power Solutions

Air Communication range of Solar Skids provide a reliable and efficient transportable solution, including the capacity to provide solar power with battery backup, provision for an extendable mast, and outdoor equipment cabinets.

Telecomm Ancillaries

Telecomm Ancillaries includes LS710 Low Intensity Aviation Warning Lights used to notify aircraft of Communication Towers, Buildings and Plant. Ladsaf Safety Systems, Communication Huts, Thunderbolts, Earth Kits and Antenna Mounts.

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