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Distributive Network and Infrastructure Build: Wodgina Mine Site

Project Summary

  • To provide a secure and robust high-speed microwave link extending the global IP service to the Ozland Wodgina site office.

  • To provide a secure and robust RF broadcast network over the required pit operational sites for a low latency data connection from the mobile Drill rigs to the Telstra global network.

  • To provide a secure and robust RF network and solar powered skid for portable CCTV (IP) PTZ cameras.

    The network must:

  • Seamlessly interface into the Telstra network

  • Focus on the lowest latency possible to meet better than 25mS on site.

  • Be rated for the environment

  • Be designed for 99.995% reliability

  • Operate in all conditions

  • Remotely monitoring capability, by the client or provider

  • Be cost effective and modular for change or growth

Telstra Global Extension [IP] Link

Supply of a licensed microwave link between the site controlled Telstra RMCP Tower and the Ozland site office.

The 18GHz microwave link with 600mm dishes provided an IP data service calculated to 99.995% reliability to better than 300Mbps full duplex with reduced latency.

A link was also installed between the Ozland site office and the Repeater 1 solar skid which housed a 300mm dish that linked to Repeater 2 on the ridge behind the Ozland office.

Mobile Drill 3600Mhz [IP] Broadcast Network

A 3600MHz data radio system was installed on both Repeater skids to provide redundant coverage over the active drilling area, to provide an “’umbrella’’ broadcast for the mobile Drills.

System design showed that the operational pit could be serviced by a 3600MHz base station located on a solar skid at Repeater Point 1 with a second infill 3600MHz base mounted to a solar powered skid located behind the Ozland office, broadcasting back towards the pit. Repeater 1 base radio was linked back to the Ozland Office with Repeater base 2 linked back via Repeater base 1 to the Ozland office.

The 3600Mhz bases were setup for mobility and nomad roaming so that mobile drills could handover to the base with the best signal strength based on location and bandwidth.

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