Outdoor multi polarised Antennas

Air Communications is the Australian distributor for Mars Antennas & RF Systems Ltd. Mars is a leading manufacturer of antenna and RF solutions and offer a range customised wide band high performance antennas.

Mars Antennas specialises in outdoor and in building multi polarized antenna’s. Mars subscriber and base station antennas are used in LTE, WiMAX, mobile, MIMO, WLan and Wi-Fi systems and are designed for fixed and mobile, stand alone or embedded applications.

Designed for fixed and mobile, stand alone or embedded applications, Mars antennas cover frequency ranges from 138MHz up-to 11 GHz, 24-30GHz.

Our expertise includes developing and manufacturing antennas based on printed circuit antennas, flat panel arrays, small size dish antennas, beam forming antennas and more.

Mars Antennas offers a wide range of various MIMO directional (CPE) and Sector (Base Station) antennas and a wide range of antennas for ISM & Special Applications, 802.11ax,  embedded, LTE, Wi-Fi Repeaters and In-Building Cellular Repeaters.

Mars Antennas are used in conjunction with Proxim, Cisco, Airspan, Infinet Wireless, Ruckus, Aruba, Alcatel Lucent, Cambium, Juniper and Exalt.
Mars Antennas & RF Systems is an ISO 9001 and ISO14001 certified company and prides itself on providing a high quality products that are thoroughly QA checked and tested.

In-Building, DAS & Small Cell Antennas

MARS Antennas In-Building, DAS and Small Cell antennas are designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for in-building coverage and capacity by providing optimal solutions and maximum efficiency. Our antennas are designed to be aesthetic, unobtrusive and enable easy mounting and installation.

Potential applications include:
· FirstNet coverage for buildings
· DAS Systems for enterprise including In-Building as well as Outdoor installations · Technological solutions for: Cellular, Wi-Fi, PMR, RFID, BLE, Public Safety
· Licenced spectrum (Cellular, PMR etc.) or Licence exempt (Wi-Fi, BLE etc.)

TV White Space Antenna Solutions 470 MHz to 698 MHz

Today 34 million Americans lack broadband internet access. Of these, 23.4 million live in rural parts of the country. Many leading radio solutions and service providers are coming in to solve this situation being led by large companies including Microsoft and Google.

MARS Antennas provides superior performance antenna solutions for TV White Space frequencies in the UHF range of 470-698 MHz.

In addition to our catalog antennas, our experienced engineering team customizes antenna solutions to the exact needs of any TV White Space radio system. Several MARS antennas are fully compatible to work with the Microsoft Airband Initiative in TVWS.

CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) 3.5 GHz

MARS CBRS antennas enable LTE-based solutions in the 3.5 GHz band to leverage shared spectrum with simple deployment and to deliver significantly greater throughput for both private and public LTE networks.

MARS smartly designed antennas feature UV protected radomes suitable for harsh environment installations, easy mounting, aesthetic design, wind survival ratings of 200 km/h and more.

Other features include:
1. Dual polarization and/or Dual Slant 2. Omni or Directional
3. Indoor and/or Outdoor

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