Health and SAFETY

Maintaining safety and environmental performance is our overriding commitment

Air Communications undertakes high risk activities as our core business. As such we are committed to providing the safest work environment for all staff. 

We understand our services are undertaken at our client’s place of business, be it at a mine site in regional Australia or locally within major towns and cities where site specific HSSE rules apply. Air Communications is considerate of both our client needs and our own safety standards. We therefore operate both within our own HSSE Framework as well as our client specific HSE requirements.

Air Communications staff are trained, certified and monitored to ensure that each task is undertaken with minimum risk. Our health and Safety system is aligned with ISO 45001 and we hold preferred vendor status with large corporations.


‘Safe to Work and Safely Home’ is our core belief, and what we, at Air Communications have built our safety system on. We have sound Workplace Health & Safety Frameworks that align with ISO45001 but go even further to inculcate OHS into our organizational culture. This means that we don’t just tick boxes, we live by what we document. Our safety record speaks for itself.

Safety is our Priority

Our Safety Goal



In our strive for excellence, we build our operating ethos on some core foundation blocks:

 i: Leaving an imprint instead of an indent on our Environment – Air Communications aligns with ISO 14001 standards and operates with its own Environmental Management Plan.

ii: We value all Australian communities and respect the land they occupy – Australia is rich in natural beauty and we understand that a lot of this is protected because of cultural heritage. We respect that land disturbance and upsetting our eco-systems has a long-term effect and we strive to operate so we restore much of the environment back to its natural state. 

iii: We encourage diversity in our workforce – having the best people in our teams means business longevity. We offer our client’s the best because we aim to recruit the best.

iv: We pride ourselves on ethical business dealings – stakeholder interactions are conducted within strict governances and within an organisational risk framework.

Sustainability Plan Includes:

i: Identifying our environmental impacts and responsibly managing them

ii: Using renewable energy sources to contribute to carbon footprint reduction

iii. Being responsible to the communities we work in

iv: Promoting best, fair and diverse talent for our business



Customer Focussed and Quality Driven sums up our service offering. Our Quality Management System aligns with ISO9001 and the Telecoms TLS9000 to keep ensure we have the correct governances in place to manage our client expectations.

i: We draft ITP’s aligned with client expectations

ii: Offer Project management services aligned with PRINCE II

iii: Provide the option for customised HOP’s & SAT’s

iv: Measure our project management effectiveness

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