Tailored Wireless Solutions for Superior Networks

Tough and budget driven builds for: Mining, Oil & Gas and Industrial Sites

Air Communications specialises in the design of tailored network wireless solutions in partnership with key suppliers for both licensed and non-licensed networks. Our point to point, multi-point and broadcast networks are developed and adapted to a variety of end use applications such as:

  • Fleet management [total work area coverage] for mines, ports and other industrial areas
  • Low latency autonomous and remote control [teleremote] operations and live streaming cctv video
  • Carrier last mile connect
  • LoRaWAN, IOT and scada telemetry

Our total build services include supply and install of infrastructure including Engineered Towers, Guyed Masts and movable large structure Masts and Monopoles. We also design and supply rugged D/C solar systems, A/C fit outs and supply of region rated communications, enclosures and rooms.

We are continuously striving for new and innovative products by partnering with key suppliers who enable us to design and supply the right equipment for your network.

Technical expertise

Air Communications work collaboratively, in partnership with our clients, to enable and support complex operations. Providing remote communications, monitoring and intelligent RF switching systems, that improve efficiency in harsh, and remote locations.

Air Communications has industry trained staff with experience in heavy industry and mining environments, working with mine site specified vehicles and equipment to suit. We are committed to improving and serving our customers better by working towards a fully audited Quality Management System under ISO9001.

Unique Solutions for unique problems

Air Communications provide solution consulting services; live on-site testing with mobile test equipment, design and installation services. We have the unparalleled ability to create unique solutions for wireless links, video and voice.

High Quality Focus

Industry related Services and Products


Air Communications can provide and install secure fast microwave products in the free to air or licensed Spectrum, from 80 MHz to 85 GHz with data bandwidth up to 1.3Giga bit per second. Our solutions can be terrestrially fixed or in a mobile environment, powered by A/C, Solar or Wind. Our solutions range from small powered wireless mobile devices to large bandwidth Microwave and LASER systems. Air Communications lead the way in MESH, WiMAX, 4G, SDH networks plus upper spectrum long haul systems.


Coupled to our wireless systems, Air Communications can provide the ability to remotely monitor and operate plant via IP. This includes the conversion from analog signal or references to IP or the transmission medium between PLC controlled devices.

Communication Tower Rigging

Air Communications accredited Advanced Communication Riggers provide full installation and support for all tower builds including:

  • Tower / Mast construction and erecting
  • Foundation formwork
  • RF Feeder Installation and Certification
  • Ground (Earth) Installation and Testing
  • Tower Audits and Certification
  • Ladsaf Fall Arrest Certification
  • DC Power Systems and mast lighting
  • RBS installations and rack fit outs
  • Microwave Installation and Commissioning


Radio and Antennas

Radios and Antenna provision for licensed and un-licensed networks. Operators all face similar challenges, the need to provide a highly reliable service with ever-increasing capacity and serving more subscribers in challenging environments.

Communication Infrastructure

Air Communication specialise in the supply, build and maintenance of guyed masts, self-supporting towers (SST) monopoles, telomasts and fall arrest systems. Our civil construction team are experienced and committed to health and safety.

Power Solutions

Air Communication range of Solar Skids provide a reliable and efficient transportable solution, including the capacity to provide solar power with battery backup, provision for an extendable mast, and outdoor equipment cabinets.

Telecom Accessories

Telecom Accessories includes Aviation Warning Lights, Fall Arrest Systems, Communication Equipment Rooms, Surge Protectors and Earth Kits, and Antenna Mounts and Cable Management Brackets.

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