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Ladsaf, Comms Shelters and other Products

Air Communications is the Australian distributor for LadSaf flexible cable systems, and other telecomm ancillary products including, Thunderbolts, Earth Kits, Antenna Mounts and the internal layout and fit-out of Communication Shelters.


Air Communications is the Australian distributor for LadSaf flexible cable systems:

The Lad Saf™ flexible cable system consists of a top and bottom bracket that act as anchors for a steel cable that runs the length of the climbing area.

A Lad Saf™ sleeve connects the worker to the system, automatically follows the user during the climb and locks onto the cable in the event of a fall, allowing the user to regain their footing.

Designed for ease of use, economy and versatility, you can bolt or weld the system, choose rung clamp sizes/styles, choose systems for straight or curved ladders and for connection to wood, concrete or steel structures.

User installed ladder safety system for fixed ladders (cable available separately).

Sleeve automatically follows user for hands-free climbing and fall protection (available separately).

Accomodates up to 2 workers at one time.

Fixed ladder safety system, bolt on, galvanised, top bracket with energy absorber, bottom bracket with cable tensioner/clamp assembly – cable, cable guides and sleeve purchased separately dependant on your systems requirements.


The internal layout and fit-out of a Communication Shelter is immensely important to protect highly sensitive equipment from overheating in order to provide reliable service for both the telecommunications company and their customers.

In order to achieve this, the internal temperature management is more critical today than it’s ever been. Under our own LENMIC brand we have developed Control Panels that monitor the internal temperature and then at pre-programmed measurements will activate, de-activate and cycle the cooling fans and air-conditioners so as to maintain the internal temperature reading within pre-determined parameters.

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